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We are here for you. We have all the brands and amazing installation and Training Crews that can transform your church or venue and teach your people how to run it all. Once you become part of our family we are always here for you, No matter what day or time.  With a comprehensive selection of the world's finest equipment and services, Donnie Brown Commercial offers extraordinary individualized service and expert consultation.  We have Your Back. No matter how big or small your need is, We can help. Sign up today for your Free Account. Shop with Confidence.

Audio and Lighting Services

What do we do for clients?
(1) Sell Equipment (Audio Video Lighting Instruments and accessories)
(2) Site Survey (Find out what they have and come up with solutions to make it better)
(3) Sound Checks (Go to site and set eq to eliminate feedback and soundcheck band for optimal performance)
(4) Design Sound Systems Lighting systems and Video systems
(5) Technical Support and Training on systems we design and sell
(6) Installation and setup of the AV systems we sell
(7) Custom build and program computers for the AV systems we sell and install

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Do You Need Help with Lighting and Audio for an Event?

Let Us help. We can run a Full Lighting and Audio Setup for any size event. We have amazing Audio and Lighting Techs that will set up, tear down and run the entire show for you. We can do it all. We are here to help in anyway from Church Events to Corporate Events. Fill our this form today and we will get you a quote within 24 Hours.

Some of Our Amazing Brands