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Music Lessons

Music World 28 offers private instruction. We offer lessons to virtually all ages and ability levels.  Every week students come to Music World 28 for private instructions ranging from four years old, elementary, middle and high school ages, all the way to college students and adults.  We can accommodate the first year beginner as well as the most advanced student. All lessons are customized with personalized lesson plans according to each student’s skill level and area of interest. Lessons include performance techniques, music theory, ear training, harmony, etc.
Whether you want to expand your range, improve your tone and power, prepare for an upcoming audition, or simply want to sing more confidently for personal enjoyment, our singing lessons are fun and easy. Singing lessons are offered in all styles of music for all ages and levels from beginning through advanced; from 5 years old through adult. Beginners are welcome and encouraged.

Music World 28 was created in 2014 to: encourage students of all ages to discover, develop and enjoy their unique musical abilities through creative music making in a culturally diverse setting. We offer a positive, energetic environment where parents, students, teachers and staff join together to create engaging learning opportunities that promote meaningful musical achievement, relationships and, overall, impact the students' cognitive, physical, emotional, social and academic development. We have very gifted Teachers. We aim to use the best teaching techniques, methods and music learning theories to create lessons that are relevant and exciting to our students. We are passionate about teaching and passionate about each student's growth.  

Our Student Body  is an international community of very young children through senior adults from various backgrounds and cultures all coming together to learn and make music. ​We welcome students of all ages who want the opportunity to enrich their lives through making music. We inspire a love of music, develop the skills that will enhance enjoyment, talent, and lifelong music participation and nurture growth with understanding and compassion.
Music Lessons Tuition

1 Month  // 30 Min. // $100.00 // $25 Registration Fee // $125.00

3 Months  // 30 Min. // $275.00 // $25 Registration Fee // $300.00

6 Months  // 30 Min. // $510.00 // $25 Registration Fee // $535.00

12 Months  // 30 Min. // $960.00 // $25 Registration Fee // $985.00

Current Instrument Classes
Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Drum, Violin, Mandolin, Clarinet, Flute, Cello, Saxophone, Ukulele, Trumpet, Trombone, Oboe and More
Our Lesson Schedule
Monday.                    12pm - 9pm

Tuesday.                    12pm - 9pm
Wednesday.            12pm - 9pm
Thursday.                  12pm - 9pm
Friday.                         12pm - 9pm
Saturday                   10am - 6pm
Sunday                        12pm - 6pm

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